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Camp Horizon Summer Camp

Our week long summer camp is designed to enrich the lives of children in foster care by creating experiences that are meaningful, empowering, and fun.


We pair each member with one counselor for the entire week. This 1-to-1 counselor-to-youth framework builds trust throughout the week.


Along the way, they come out of their shells. They respond positively to attention, guidance, affirmation, and direction.

Activities focus on developing: 

  • positive self-image 

  • interpersonal skills 

  • feelings of achievement


Besides the traditional camp activities, there are self-esteem classes and evening programs.  Members are loved and encouraged to define their true potential. 

Our programs take place at a state-of-the-art facility through our partnership with Camp Twin Lakes, located in Rutledge, GA.

“When I first went to Camp Horizon in 2007, I thought it would be like all the other foster camps I went to, which was going for 1 year and never seeing those people again. Camp Horizon the next year wanted us to come back year after year. That’s when I noticed that they were more than an organization, they were a family. I looked forward to going to Camp Horizon EVERY single year!” -Camp Horizon Alum


Leadership Development Program (LDP)

At the age of twelve the youth graduate into our Leadership Development Program (LDP).  In LDP, we focus on peer-to-peer interaction, life skills, and continuity of relationships that were built at summer camp. 


This program focuses on five pillars: 

  • future planning

  • health & well-being 

  • relationships 

  • financial literacy

  • communication

LDP provides opportunities for new experiences. For Aisha, it expanded the world around her, “In LDP, I had the chance to experience zip lining, rock climbing, etc., which was different for me because I never had access to certain materials, and they made it possible for me. They helped me realize that the world is way bigger than what I’d been experiencing.”

In this program, we move away from the 1-on-1 pairing in exchange for group mentorship. We continue to emphasize the importance of our 3Rs - Respect, Responsibility, and Resilience. 


Camp Horizon Adult Mentoring Program (CHAMPs)

Transitioning into adulthood at 18 is difficult for most people, but when you consider that kids in foster care "age out" with little or no support, it can become even more challenging.


Our Camp Horizon Adult Mentoring Program (CHAMPs) is for young adults ages 18-24. They remain in the "family" and receive support and guidance. We help them navigate real-life issues, like creating a budget, buying a car, or
renting an apartment for the first time.


Our goal is to foster a path into healthy adulthood paved with good decisions and personal success. 

“When I graduated high school and went on to college, Camp Horizon actually helped me fund some of my college, and it was a big help!”, Camp Horizon alum says. “They made sure to congratulate me every step of the way, and the support I received from them made me feel like I had the world in my hands.”



Remaining engaged with children who have suffered trauma is critical for their continued progress and healing.


At Camp Horizon, we provide several opportunities aimed at impacting our youth. More opportunities lead to accomplishing our mission of restoring dignity and hope to their lives.

Our youth are transient, with many of them moving frequently. We must work to stay in contact. Our year-round, no-cost events, programs, and support help to ensure consistency for youth who may lack this in their lives.

By offering outings throughout the year such as:

  • Going to the zoo

  • Playing laser tag

  • Attending our annual holiday party 

  • Attending our family reunion

Our campers can continue developing relationships with their Camp Horizon friends and "family."

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