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Teen Outing

Saturday, June 14th Treetop Quest, Buford, GA
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    Camp Horizon is a registered 501c3 public charity organization offering year-round programs to Metro Atlanta's youth in foster care. We work to restore dignity and hope to children, teens and young adults who have been abused and neglected -- empowering them to make good decisions and lead healthy, productive lives.

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    Summer Camp (8-11)

    July 12-18 Rutledge, GA

    Dare Me Fundraiser

    July 22nd Atlanta, GA

    Teen Leadership Retreat

    September 26-28 Rutledge, GA


    Camp Horizon addresses issues specific to children of abuse very intentionally, and we do it well. Most of our campers deal with self esteem issues related to abuse and neglect. A large percent of our population also display behavior challenges related to mood and anger and many of them have already been deemed "broken" or "bad," but when we focus positive and personal attention, gentle reassurance and simply love on them, they blossom, and there is usually a paradigm shift in how they view the world. The children attend a daily Self Esteem class with fun and interactive lessons on self-awareness, identifying feelings, anger management and personal safety. As they achieve personal successes throughout the week, their confidence builds, and they begin to see new possibilities and recognize their endless potential. In a variety of ways, we show them that they are IMPORTANT, and in time, they believe it.
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    Camp Horizon provides the quintessential summer camp experience, where our campers can just be "regular kids." Each day, they have opportunities to try new activities and meet new friends, both of which help build confidence and self-esteem. Many of our campers arrive to camp unable to swim or ride a bike, but with a little instruction and patience, many of them pass their swim test or ride a mountain bike trail by the end of the week!
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    Targeting the source of pain, for anyone, is often the key to healing. And that, in a nutshell, is what we do at Camp Horizon. We provide an intense, therapeutic environment, directly focused on each individual child, and it's all done through playing. Being honest, available, loving and compassionate, even for just a week of time, can do wonders for a young soul that has suffered abuse and neglect. This is not a cure, but we provide a strong foundation for a long road to recovery. Giving children a week of undivided attention, where they know people have chosen to be there as volunteers, for free, just for them, is magical in terms of healing. Can life really be so simple? We think so.
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